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Height: 5"9'   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Blonde  |  Legit Bass-Baritone (F2-F4)

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New York

Film / TV

Title  |  Role



The Vibrator Play  |  Leo

Skylight  |  Edward

The Lady Demands | Osric

Far Away  |  Todd

The Skin of Our Teeth  |  Henry

Troilus and Cressida  |  Troilus

The Orphan of Zhao  |  Tu'an Gu

Fit for a King  |  Daniel

Ibrahim  |  Chris

Mysteries at the Musem | Soldier

Buying Time  |  Matt

Gulfshore Playhouse

Gulfshore Playhouse

Gulfshore Playhouse

The Hangar Theater

Voice Theatre

Bard City


Primary Stages

Norma x Roslyn

Travel Channel

Good Raven

Jeffrey Binder

Christian Parker

Jeffrey Binder

Ivy Lowe

Shauna Kanter

Owen Horsley

Ralph Peña

Kel Haney

Terron Jones

Alice Borelli

James Mentzinger

Training & Workshops

Fordham University - BA in Theatre Performance

Fordham London Dramatic Academy

UCB 101

On-Camera: James Calleri, Heidi Marshall, Rich Topol, Athena Colon

Stage Acting: Kenny Leon, Steph Dimaggio, Tina Benko

Shakespeare: Stephen Skybell, Owen Horsley, Yolanda Vasquez

Voice / Music Theatre: Alison Fraser, Andrea Harring, John LaBella (Private)

Special Skills

Accents (RP, London, Northern English, Irish, Northern Irish), Hand-stand Walking, Improv, Clowning (Gaulier, Comedia), Stage Combat (Rapier, Broadsword, Hand-to-hand), US Passport, Licensed Driver

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